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Is it really that difficult for you to send a PM/email or reply to thread asking their location?
It is not that it is difficult to PM/email or reply to thread. It is more about not wasting anyone's time and being able to latch onto a good deal before anyone else does. Again saving time to both the original posters and would be trader/buyer and allowing someone in their location a clean "call / dibs" on something in a wtt/wts thread.

A lot of people look for a ftf transaction to avoid a blind purchase on a used firearm and hoping it reaches the ffl in the described condition as well as saving ffl/shipping fees and shipping delays as well as just an overall trust issue on a web handshake transaction that it will even be shipped after payment.

Again just my opinion, I think not having to scroll down to see if a location reply was posted, (especially in a wtt wts post that has pics in it) to see if the location of the item is even mentioned.

JohnKSa did answer my question on it last week so I logged it as a web pet peeve of mine and moved on lol

though I nominate Wildalaska to patrol The Firing Line Gun Show looking for would be forum felons :P
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