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In Massachusetts it is a felony to possess so much as a single round of spent brass without a FOID, or whatever they call their ridiculous little permit thingies.

Also, they have a state-level AWB and various other silly laws.

The unofficial state motto is "Massachusetts: Live free or here!"

From the article:
"He's 18 years old and he did something stupid," she said. "He's never been in trouble of any kind before. He's never even had a parking ticket. Hopefully, this will teach him a lesson."
Ma'am, it's not just going to teach him a lesson, it's going to make him a felon. He will never be able to own a gun, vote, or get a decent job. Remember that every November when you vote for Mitt Romney or whatever other sleazeballs y'all have up there.
The trooper ordered him out of the truck and patted him down -- which turned up several rounds of ammunition, including a .50 caliber rifle bullet, and a knife, police said.
What was he going to do with the .50BMG round, Mr. Reporter? Throw it at somebody? Maybe take down an airliner by hurling it into the sky?
He could also face federal charges because he allegedly transported the weapons across state lines.
No, Mr. Reporter. While I know this stuff causes you people in the press to fill your skivvies, nothing he did was actually against any federal law.
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