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not Wasr or mini 14s, I don't doubt it feeds fine in those.
Actually, I've seen Wolf stick in both Mini-14s and 5.56 AKs. A poster at THR named stubbicat had a good informative post on why steel cased 5.56 often has problems:

Originally Posted by stubbicat
This is a question of compatibility: Tapered chambers shoot steel better than straight walled chambers.

If you look at the taper in the commie chambers, 7.62x54, 7.62x39, and 5.45x39, they are more extreme than the military ammo used by USA. Why is this important?

In rifles with greater taper, the forces of extraction are less than the forces required for straight wall cases using the same materials.

Brass springs back to a greater degree than does the mild steel casings. What this means is that after firing a brass case tends to release its grip on the chamber walls and shrink enough to make extraction easier (assuming normal chamber pressures).

Combine a straight walled chamber with a mild steel case (which doesn't have very much spring back) and you will *tend* to get greater resistance to extraction. These additional forces of extraction have to be absorbed by the rifle parts in some way.
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