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The stock reinforcement nut can be removed by bending a small U-shaped tab out of coat hanger wire, inserting the ends into the holes in the nut, holding the tab with Vice-Grips, and turning the tab. Work carefully- again, it's easy to bugger up the wood.
I did this for my M91/30 and it was difficult to loosen and almost impossible to re-tighten to where it was originally. If I hadn't surrounded the hole with several strips of masking tape I would have marred the new finish. Faced with disassembling an M24/47 and an M95, both of which have the same type of nut, I plunked down $4 for a cheap set of slip ring pliers. I use a crescent wrench or a pair of vice grips to keep the fingers of the pliers from twisting from the torque.
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