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Good work - Let's keep an eye on Paymar

Hearing Postponed Indefinitely for Minnesota Gun Registration Bill
Due to Overwhelming Member Opposition, Committee Pulls HF 953 from Calendar.
Late last night, House File 953, introduced by State Representative Michael Paymar (DFL-64B), was removed from the schedule of the House Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division Committee. Though the bill will not be heard on Friday, it is not dead, as another committee could bring it up in the future.

This bill was designed to not only regulate the sale of firearms at gun shows, but to regulate the sale of firearms between law-abiding persons, all across Minnesota. As a whole, HF 953 will only affect law-abiding gun owners, and in no way keeps guns out of the hands of criminals.

A particularly troublesome provision in HF 953 creates a de facto registration system by requiring records of all transfers to be maintained by the state. These records would be made available to all authorities, including for use in “civil” cases, which are often brought by anti-gun government officials and are designed to damage or interfere with lawful commerce in firearms.

HF 953 is a direct attack on Minnesota’s gun rights. It also removes the carry permit holders’ exemption from the purchase permit requirement for all handgun or semi-automatic rifle purchases, not just those completed at gun shows, and increases the waiting period from five to seven days.

Thank you to all of those who contacted the members of the House Crime Victims/Criminal Records Committee and urged them to oppose HF 953. Until the bill is officially dead, please continue to check your email and for future updates.
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