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Yes,a 22 revolver will kill someone.

But it is way more likely to maim them for life then kill them.

A 22 lr revolver might get you killed if you go up against a very large bad guy and shoot him in the stomach area.

This is because the 22 bullets might stop in his fatty area of his stomach and never get to somewhere the bullets can damage something enough to make him stop from killing you with his bare hands or a gun he is carrying.

Yes,22 bullets can penetrate a door depending on what the door is made of.

Interior doors that are just two pieces of balsa wood,the bullets will go right through them.

Steel fire doors that separate fire zones probably not.

Car doors,I would'nt count on it.

Penetrate a skull?

Depends on ALOT of things.

Again,this round is made to hunt small game and target shoot cheaply.

It is NOT made to engage full grown,crazed,homicidal human beings.

A skull shot might bounce off or it might penetrate depending on where it hit the skull and at what angle or range.

Jame Brady took a very ugly amount of damage because the idiot (who walks among us today) was right next to his head when he fired.

( Why is the idiot who shot Brady not pushing up daisys?Why go after the guns and NOT the shooter?)

How many shots would it take to put a man down?

One - if it was a perfectly performing bullet under perfect conditions.

You could empty the gun and the bad guy could kill you before he died under real world conditions.

How strong is a 22 revolver really?

Strong enough to shoot rabbits,groundhogs squirrels,rats and any other small game you can think of.

The Park Service used to use 22 long rifle caliber rifles to kill troublesome cougars back in the old days.

And they are absolutely outstanding target and plinking handguns.

The 22 long rifle round has been around for over one hundred years and still today continues to be one of the best cartridges ever designed.

Next question.
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