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"Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?" Must Read Article

OK, the title is long, but its an excellent paper to read if you have the time.
The link is to the NRA site that then links to the paper.

IF you don't have the time or the patience to read the actual paper, take a quick gander at the NRA article which highlights several of the key points. The title says it all in that the paper/article challenges the fairly common notion (in the minds of the uninformed) that more legally owned guns equates to more gun violence.

Sure we all know this not to be the case, but this paper/article was written by two very intelligent men who have a lot of cred (Two lawyers one of whom was a law professor at Stanford Law) and they provide very sound and very well thought out reasons why the gun prevalence doesn't necessarily mean gun crime. They are even handed in their approach and this is very important, because they acknowledge what they need to concede. In doing so they formulate a very balanced argument that is difficult to refute.

Having this type of knowledge would be useful to any gun owner or 2nd A. proponent. Especially when engaging in civilized debates with those who seek to dampen the 2nd A. rights.

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