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Whew! I am amazed at the twisting of facts on these forums!
"The government has no duty to keep you safe. They don't do a very good job of it. Just look at Virginia Tech. The government banned guns on campus and then let all of those professors and students down. The government's laws were supposed to keep them safe, yet those victims spent that evening in a morgue."
I suppose that means that the government pulled the trigger? Come-on now! Noone can be blamed for the Virginia tragedy but the Shooter. But, the implication is that I am to blame, for being complacent about my 'rights'. So, are we to arm every student and professor? I don't think I would feel safer in that environment.
My point is that I agree with ALL the gun legislation that has been enacted thus far.
"Magazine capacity... what is any different with one 25 round mag or 3 10 rounders? Oh yeah 5 more rounds!" That kinda says it for me... why worry?
I have absolutly no worry about my gun rights. With all you guys on the job, what is the problem? Just don't pressure me to defend your position... I am not that caring.
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