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OK, I'll just relate my own experiences since everybody seems to have their own opinion why Wolf works intermittently in ARs.

1. Lacquered Wolf ammo melts in the chamber
I've never seen this happen. I tried to duplicate the effect by cooking lacquered steel cases in the oven at 500F and saw no lacquer melting at all. The older Wolf had a thick red neck sealant around the neck that would leave pink goo in the chamber. I think this is the origin of the "lacquer melting" but all I can say is that A) I've never seen it and B) the stuck case problem happens whether it is lacquer or polymer ammo.

2. My rifle shoots two bazillion rounds of Wolf ammo with no cleaning and it works just fine
Maybe so. I can't say about your rifle. But I have seen stuck Wolf cases (polymer and lacquer) jam up AR15s, 5.56 AKs, and Mini-14s. I don't have the slightest idea why it happens in some rifles and not others; but it happens. I tend to believe it is a combination of the straight wall design of the 5.56 case/chamber combined with the Wolf steel not expanding the same as brass.

3. Wolf works fine as long as you clean your chamber
There is no question you will need to clean your chamber after using Wolf; but I did a rifle class where a student had a Bushmaster M4 clone (5.56 chamber). He was using new gray, polymer-coated Wolf. He had repeated problems with stuck cases. I sat there with him and watched him clean the chamber until it was shiny, sparkly clean. Within 100 rounds of heavy, hot (but still semi-auto fire), he had another stuck case and there was hard carbon fouling in the rifle the size of the bolt lugs falling out as we cleaned it again. Same rifle shot Hornady steel cased ammo and all brass ammo 100%. Clearly, cleaning isn't the only thing going on with this problem; though it does seem to solve the problem for a lot of people.

4. If your rifle doesn't shoot Wolf, something is wrong with the rifle
Could be. Since I don't know why some rifles can eat Wolf like candy with no problems and others can't, I couldn't say. On the other hand, if the rifle shoots every other kind of ammo (including other steel case ammo) but won't shoot Wolf, it seems to me the problem isn't the rifle. I guess that one is debateable.

5. Wolf doesn't fragment
That is correct.
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