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My buddies and I shoot wolf almost exclusively and have for several years now. No one has had any trouble yet. I will readily admit that Wolf .223 is NOT good for shooting anything over 200yds or so (you'll get about 2.5MOA max), and I do not hunt with it anymore. I load my own 55gr Vmax for that. I don't buy Wolf anymore because I can reload .223 much cheaper than I can buy Wolf (crazy times, eh?). I just found about 200 fresh Lake City 5.56 brass at the range last time I went--that makes reloading extra cheap.

Anyway, I still have about 750 rounds of Wolf 62gr JHP on hand that I will not hesitate to put through my M&P15 next time I get a chance. Back when I had a Bushmaster National Match (sold), I fed it 270 rounds of Wolf 62gr JHP in one afternoon and it never choked. I have a feeling that the instances of stuck cases are from folks who don't clean their chamber correctly. There also seems to be a trend of Frankenguns (homebuild ARs) choking on wolf a lot. Yes, wolf is low quality ammo. Yes, it will gunk up your chamber if you don't clean it between sessions. But I've never had a problem with it in several years and several cases of ammo. Don't want it, don't buy it.
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