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About two years ago my old boss and I used to shoot together, mostly on the weekends. I learned a lot from him as he was an ex-sniper. over time I ended up working off a Mini 14 ranch rifle he had. He would shoot his M1A and I would shoot the mini. When he gave me the rifle he also gave me the 2000 rounds of wolf he had ordered but hadn't received at the time. when he got it in he gave it all to me for free, and personally I haven't had one round go wrong. I personally think its a great round for the mini. I clean my mini everytime I have it and there isn't a lot of barrel dust at all. Now I've also shot PMC and that made the barrel real dirty. anyways, I'm almost out of that wolf and don't know what I'll shoot next.

anybody wanna sell theirs!!!

Also have had none of it "stick"
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