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I was about to post this if I didn't find it already _ Thanks

I got an email from GOCRA today. MN's Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance.

Some of the points in there are:

HF953 Creates a central state run registration system recording all firearm transfers for use in any civil or criminal investigations.

HF953 terminates any and all private sales of firearms. All transfers must be run through a FFL dealer. Dealer transfer fees will add anywhere from $20 to $100 to the cost of firearms ownership. Residence of cities such as Minneapolis and St. Paul will have to travel out of the city to make any transfers.

HF953 allows police chiefs and county sheriffs to charge whatever they can justify plus $5 for a MN firearms transfer permit. In Minneapolis and St Paul this may well be in the hundreds of dollars depending on the level of investigation. This change is nothing less than a poll tax to exercise your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. This continues the redundant background check that every purchaser of a firearm must go through at the federal level – for free!

HF953 makes you a criminal if you loan any firearm (even for hunting) to someone for more than 24 hours. Both you and the person you loan the firearm to become criminals. The state run gun registry will be used to check whether you are illegally in possession of that gun - you wil be arrested and the person loaning you the gun will be arrested.

HF953 requires permit to carry holders to go through another background check when purchasing a firearm. Even though permit to carry holders go through a background check every year to maintain their permit to carry.

6.25 (6) a loan between persons lawfully engaged in hunting or target shooting if the loan is intended for a period of no more than 12 hours;
Can't loan a hunting rifle for more than 12 Hours !!!!! -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-.

A couple even worse things were stricken, but it could always be put back in. I don't know how this works, if this page always gets updated or if they change the name if it gets past commitee but here it is.

All it does is make it harder for law abiding citizens to do things. Man these people are morons. This is going to make many law abiding people into criminals without even knowing it.
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