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Disquieting Events

The below is posted for FYI purposes. Best course of action is to contact your Congressmen if you disagree with what is happening.

In the last few weeks there have been disturbing reports about military units being trained to operate on U.S. Soil take a look at this
and this

The above, of course, is in addition to the Attorney General’s statement last week that he has plans to renew the AWB (with additional restrictions). In past years some people have been concerned about the militarization of our police, but that is nothing compared to using the military, (especially a combat not MP) brigade as the police. Under the Posse Comitatus Act they’re not supposed to be able to. Unfortunately there has been some precedent:

Folks cheered when Bush I sent the military into LA for the riots, because they were not rioters. No one questioned the use of military on U.S. soil for drug interdiction because they were not drug runners. Not many balked at using military equipment at Waco because they were not Branch Davidians. For gunowers, and all free Americans, the possible parallels here to the words of Martin Niemöller are frightening.

Add to this Obama's stated intent to organize a federal law enforcement agency that is as large and well-equipped as the military. What concerns me the most about all this is: What is the Obama Regime planning that we don’t know about, and why do they think they will need the military/a large federal police force for to quell “civil disorder?”

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