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Yes my weapon jams at the hammer. When i'm fireing i can shoot for a little while then it just jams. I'm asumeing that the powder is withholding the revolver from rotating to the next shell. Even when i pull the hammer back it will not react. Jammed!!! Like i said i know there is a pin in there that helps with the turning of the revolver or should i say it's suppose to stop it but it's also suppose to release when your ready for the next round. I can open the cylinder and manually complete the cycle but should not have to do that. Any suggestions?
Honestly, there are many things that could cause that. While I suspect ammo or crud where it shouldn't be, I would highly suggest the next time it does it leave it alone and let someone more knowledgeable about guns look at it or take it to a gunshop and let them check it out.

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