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I have a Mod 36 no dash SN J146XX. I think it is about 1969 but not sure
1969 would be correct.

A couple of years ago my dad sent me a S&W revolver .22 rimfire he found in a pawnshop in Arizona. It is mint with very elaborate engraving on it. I'm trying to determine the model and the approximate year of manufacture. Serial is 1619xx.
Gonna need more info. Did you get the serial number from the bottom of the frames grip butt? Is there a letter prefix? Is it a swing out cylinder?

I have just joined The FiringLine after finding it when looking for information about date of manufacture of my M19.

The serial # is: BHT03xx

Can't find much information about its value. Can someone help? It's in very good condition with a small amount of wear at the muzzle and some use marks. Bluing is 90%.
~1991. About $350. And another $50 or so if it's a 2.5" barrel.

My neighbor asked me to look at her late husbands revolver today and I have no knowledge of S&W's. I could not find a model # on it, but it looks like a M36 or M60. It is a nickel plated snub nose 5 shot with hammer, round butt and non-adjustable sights (the rear sight is just a groove). The SN is R122XXX.
R122XXX = 1974/75. The "R" prefix makes it a model 60 which is stainless steel.

two Smith and Wesson 41's:

1) A6538xx
2) A7158xx
A6538xx = 1980
A7158xx = 1981

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