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Thanks burdock41.

The problem with Anti-Gun folks is fear. It is the same issue that people are confronted with when they consider crime and criminals, and they simply lump guns and criminals into one heap.

When a non-violent person thinks about some virile young man beating an old lady to death by slitting her throat, stabbing her in the neck (with a large butcher knife) and finally stomping on her head several times, it makes them "shut down". And, why wouldn't it? It is brutal, ugly and we've shunned these kinds of animals from society for just that reason. People don't want to think about the ugly side of humanity. They just want it to go away. Here's the problem, even having it "go away", say for repeat felons, is "inhumane". Humanity... we treat our dogs and cats more "humanely" than we do our own... but I digress.

What we need is exactly the kind of people like you burdock41. People who understand the issues, are willing to be involved, and are capable of expounding on the issues with reason, logic, and compassion. Guns don't kill people. Banning guns WILL NOT reduce crime. Why aren't they suggesting a ban on alcohol? Why not ban knives and large sticks? Hell, ban all weapons of opportunity, including a criminals hands... oops - that would be inhumane. BAN CRIMINALS! There we go.

Stay involved. Write to your legislators and senators and congress people. As Oblahma suggests... "get in their face".

"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for."
-- Will Rogers
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