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Thanks John for the post, I got am e-mail from the NRA today on this very subject. I have some real issues with this bill and the plain stupid remarks the anti-gunners put out. I own an AK-47 semi auto version…I’m surprised that they did not say ‘machine gun” LOL. I have used mine for closer range deer hunting before and it is one of the best firearms out there.

What was this guy doing getting out of our lax prisons in MN? They are o wrong with their stats on gun crimes and they get away with it.

Many years ago when MN was talking about an “assault weapon” ban a number of gun owners went down to the capital…including me. They brought in a number of semi autos for whatever reason and laid them down on the table in front of us, and the barrels of the guns were pointed at us…talking about gun safety! A friend of mine got up just before I did and asked if they could point the guns some where else, because we don’t know if those guns are loaded…what do us gun owners learn through out our lives…safety! Now these were cops and out “leaders that did this” I really think that they did not even know what we were talking about, did any of the antis stand up and say anything? NO

After that I really got to understand that the anti gun people only care about getting rid of guns and do not care about the criminals
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