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I almost gave up/1908 Mauser 7x57

I have a 1908 7x57 mauser that i have had for at least 5 years I could not get it to shoot the barrel was dark and did not want to come clean. I used cleaning foam on a whim and kept cleaning it for about the last 2 weeks .
but it beiing so blasted cold here in northern Michigan I had to wait for a day that it was not snowing well that was today and I am here to tell you that the constant cleaning has paid off I shot a 3/4 inch group just under the bull useing the the 6 oclock hold It stll is dark but there is a shine starting to come through on the barrel i was so pleased that I had to tell someone so fellas if you got one li9ke this you might want to keep at it as far a trying to salvage what might be a pretty darn good rile
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