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I recently sold a half dozen rifles and pistols from my truck at a local flea market, one of them to one of our local cops.
Did you make them undergo a background check before selling to them?

For that matter were you aware that in the late 1970s, the ATF prosecuted Patrick Mulcahey for "engaging in the business of gun dealing" without an FFL for selling just three firearms over a two-year period? They ended up seizing his entire collection (Source: Footnote 118). He was prosecuted under the legislation you just approved of (The 1968 Gun Control Act).

And yes, I feel comfortable that people can't buy full auto weapons... I feel safer.
Actually, they can buy full-auto weapons. They just can't buy one made after 1986. Although considering that legally-owned, registered full-auto weapons are used in crime more rarely than nuclear weapons have been used, I don't see how it makes you safer.
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