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Well, I am the original poster, and I have not been 'hiding' by any means, except from the politics, maybe. I have always been curious about the tendency for everyone to tell me that the anti gun nuts "almost did this..", but it never quite happened. And so I am equally curious about actually how much restrictive legislation has actually passed. OK, I feel better informed now, and will continue to not worry much about it all. It strikes me that every one of the laws enacted to restrict firearms is a good one, and ones that I don't have any problem with. I certainly don't mind being subjected to a background check when I buy a gun, and I feel very good that everyone else has to also. I recently sold a half dozen rifles and pistols from my truck at a local flea market, one of them to one of our local cops. So I don't feel 'put upon' by anyone. And yes, I feel comfortable that people can't buy full auto weapons... I feel safer. And I don't intend to overthrow a despotic government (I think we are past that in the US, as of 228 years ago.). I do think that everyone should lighten up a bit though... well, whatever. And I am certainly not going to worry about my SASS shooting. More power to the nra... just leave me alone.
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