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NRA notice - HF 953

Minnesota Gun Registration Scheme to be Heard Friday!
Please Contact the Members of the House Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division!
On Friday, March 6, House File 953, introduced by State Representative Michael Paymar (DFL-64B), will be voted on by the House Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division Committee.

This bill was designed to not only regulate the sale of firearms at gun shows, but to regulate the sale of firearms between law-abiding persons, all across Minnesota. As a whole, HF 953 will only affect law-abiding gun owners, and in no way keeps guns out of the hands of criminals.

A particularly troublesome provision in HF 953 creates a de facto registration system by requiring records of all transfers to be maintained by the state. These records would be made available to all authorities, including for use in “civil” cases, which are often brought by anti-gun government officials and are designed to damage or interfere with lawful commerce in firearms.

HF 953 is a direct attack on Minnesota’s gun rights. It also removes the carry permit holders’ exemption from the purchase permit requirement for all handgun or semi-automatic rifle purchases, not just those completed at gun shows, and increases the waiting period from five to seven days.

Please contact the members of the Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to protect our Second Amendment rights and oppose this bill. Contact information can be found below.

State Representative John Lesch (DFL) Chairman
Phone: 651-296-4224
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Ron Shimanski (R) Vice Chair
Phone: 651-296-1534
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL)
Phone: 651-296-3709
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Kory Kath (DFL)
Phone: 651-296-5368
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Paul Kohls (R)
Phone: 651-296-4282
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Jenifer Loon (R)
Phone: 651-296-7449
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Dave Olin (DFL)
Phone: 651-296-9635
Email: [email protected]

State Representative Michael Paymar (DFL)
Phone: 651-296-4199
Email: [email protected]

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And my email to the author:

Dear Representative Paymar,

I want you to know I oppose HF 953. Law abiding citizens don't need further regulation. Gun sales at gun shows are closely monitored already, and sellers already capture purchaser information with the threat of breaking or being liable under existing laws. Sellers at gun shows are law abiding citizens who have the right to be there selling guns. They are fully aware of the consequences of selling a gun to a criminal. There is no evidence this legislation will do one thing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Criminals steal guns.

Criminals are by defnition those who don't abide by laws. To end gun violence, end violent criminal's careers - early. Maybe on their second felony, as opposed to giving them light sentences and letting them keep repeating.

As a gun owner, I already know that selling a gun to someone who doesn't have a valid permit to purchase a handgun or a valid permit to carry a handgun leaves me exposed to being held liable for providing a felon with a gun. Further restricting me, taxing me, making me pay more transfer fees, and restricting my 2nd ammendment rights is just going to penalize me - a law abiding citizen, taxpayer... voter.

Thank you for your time.

"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for."
-- Will Rogers
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