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Retired attorney? You mean we get to retire some day?

Schmieg, I tell my guys that "terms of the license" means carry how you do at home. Some states and countries require carrying a certain pistol, carry that certain pistol here. Some states, like Tejas, require a dress code. Thus, cover up and dress in little elf boots and a big silly hat as Tejas law requires. Some states, like Texas, make distinctions between revolvers and self-loaders. Carry what your license allows.

The terms of the Ohio license require that you conceal, advise the po-po if you get pulled over, inter alia. Do that here.

Is Ohio's tavern prohibition a term of the license or a separate statute?
"Arguments of policy must give way to a constitutional command." Payton v. New York, 445 U.S. 573, 602 (1980).
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