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One shoots in defense because one has to. One commits assault or murder (for what ever percieved reason) because one wants to.
That's true 98% of the time. But life just isn't that black-and-white. Sometimes, people who are later charged with "assault" see themselves as acting in self-defense at the time. The example given earlier of the child who was essentially being abused by his parents is a case in point. There are women who have shot their husbands after suffering years of the most terrible abuse.

This is an uncomfortable area because those of us who keep guns for defensive purposes want to know that, should something happen, we will be free from such charges. We might choose to believe then that there's a nice clear line between the people with white hats and the people with black hats, so that we can insist that we are definitely a white hat guy. But there isn't some kind of absolute clear line. There just isn't. Sure, you can find nice, clear examples where the person was definitely justified in defending themselves, and nice, clear examples of people who are definitely being criminally violent. And it will seem to you then that the world divides up neatly between them -- but only because you refused to look at all the other examples that didn't fit.

I'm not saying this to be soft or to make excuses for anyone. But you don't have to use too much imagination to realise that someone you know and care about could get caught up in an unfortunate situation where that line is being blurred, and you wouldn't want them subject to some kind of heartless, "lock 'em up and throw away the key" attitude, would you?

If they did it once, they could do it again.
It sounds like you think everyone who ever did something wrong has some kind of inner core of evil. Do you really mean to say that you feel like you could repeat every bad thing you've ever done? And that you ought to be punished forever for all those things?

They may grow/ be cured and become someone who truly regrets what they did. That is their cross to bear.
And a reformed person should suffer forever?

You gotta lay down that cross for a moment.

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