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It depends on how much money you have?

I wouldn't do it at all. Unless some 1 in a million crazy movie scenario happened to me. Then you'd be stupid not to.

If you can afford 100k to 1 million in attorney's fees to fight it and fight it as unconstitutional then it maybe worth it. If you had misdemeanors or such that were from like 15 years ago, maybe 5 even I don't know. Maybe you could fight it in court to overturn something like that, if you've seen a certified therapist (if that would be in issue in some states or counties).

What they should only be allowed to do to get one is to do a FBI: background check and mental health check every few years and that's it. Verify with other papers (bank statement address matching, IRS address matching) who you say you are. They shouldn't need any fingerprints, blood or know what your weapons you own or are going to carry are at all.

Florida: 2) A person who carries a concealed firearm on or about his or her person commits a felony of the third degree.
Unless it costs $10 to take a class and $5 to get the proper paperwork, then a felony, this is just stupid. Of course I really don't know what happens to you for other things in regular life if you get any type of felony. Or a misdemeanor for that matter, but still. That would turn me into a criminal if I had one of those 1 in a million scenarios and got carrying for that 5 days to whatever it was until it was over. Don't know why couldn't get a pass on that in very, very rare cases of course.

But then again your also right. I'm disabled and took the class like 5 years ago. Find out when I went to local police station that I had to go in person to the state capital, so I never did it, driving is really painful for me. Since last 6 years money has always been an issue for me too since I've gotten physically much worse so the cost is prohibitive for me and it probably won't be in the cards. I suppose I could always sell my Glock G23cc gun and get a very cheap .22lr . Suppose I'd actually shoot it since it wouldn't hurt so much.

However seeing those signs in MN that say you can't carry in this store when that person had a FBI background check and mental check (at least in MN) makes me kind of laugh. I don't know why you wouldn't rob that place, all you would need is a bat or maybe wear an Obama shirt and then they'll give you all the money How many other people that walk in who don't have a CCW have had those checks done, hhhmmmm maybe 1 out of 100 and they had it done because they are a criminal and were in jail.
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