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No, no, don't take it like that.

A woman living on paradise island with no fear of danger is not going to lug around a heavy gun all day. In today's society, woman are threatened by sexual assault, rape, etc, and I would assume that due to their smaller stature and strength comparatively to men, a firearm is a good choice for defensive purposes. Woman may conceal carry due to these fears of violent crimes against them and have every right to protect themselves and loved ones. But it is my opinion that if crime did not exist, a good majority of women would not carry. I also believe a good number of woman who carry are in a relationship with men who own guns. Those who are not probably own one gun. I don't study these statistics, so I don't know. I do not know a single women who is a gun collector, not in a relationship with a male gun collector. In anycase, I'm saying emotionally, the choice is more prevalent for women to carry then reasons for men. Give me a reason why a woman would carry a firearm if she didn't feel threatened or feared that she may be, or put into a situation where she would need it.
I don't carry because I have a fear, paranoia (as some women put it), or feel threatened that I may be assaulted. I am 6'2", 185lbs, and can handle my own. I am more than comfortable with a roll of quarters. So why do I carry? Is it by choice of fear of violent crime? No. Like many male gun owners who can take an assailant's firearm apart and make him eat it, I carry because it is my privilege and I have a gun addiction to where I must constantly tinker, fiddle, look at, buy, reload for, or admire functionality or cosmetics with a firearm. Having one with me reduces the anxiety of knowing there's one at home collecting dust.

Why would anybody publicly announce that her partner had a firearm on them? Are they trying to have them get their permit revoked? That's stupid and irresponsible. No doubt about it, there is a fear of guns in society. Carrying a firearm is serious business and takes responsibility. Understanding the law and when deadly force may be used is no joke. There are way too many airheads out there just waiting for a brandishing a firearm charge or something along those lines, simply because they can't comprehend the seriousness. It's the mentality of those who make it difficult for the rest of us who have higher IQs.

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