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Good post Leedavisone. I tend to agree with you. I think that the current administration has a lot on their plate to deal with (left by the previous "pro-gun" administration) and guns are pretty low on their "to do" list...

But here's my take - no one right is more important than any other. All the rights are equally important. And that transcends the conservative vs liberal banter. I hold all my rights as sacred - and there corresponds a responsibility for each right. When the framers of the Constitution of the United States put together the Bill of Rights, the context was one of emergence from a repressive colonial master. Hence the right to speak freely, to assemble peacefully, to keep and bear arms (and in the context this was the assault weapons of the day), to be secure in ones home, papers and effects, and the list goes on. But nowhere is one right given precedence over any other.

We have to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms - as an assurance that a despotic regime can be overthrown and rightful leadership restored - must be kept along with all the others. I have a problem with any organization that places one right or freedom over others (and I have posted my belief that the NRA and ACLU should open meaningful dialog since they both claim to defend our civil rights).
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