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WA state suppressor laws can be fixed in 2009. Help!

As we WA residents know, it is legal to purchase and own suppressors, but it is ILLEGAL to discharge a firearm with an attached suppressor.

House Bill 1604 has a chance at fixing this in 2009. Take a look at the links below, to the WA state website's page on the bill and a link to the direct pdf download.

I would appreciate any advice you all have on writing/emailing/calling representatives, and the best way to show my support for the bill. Advice on what to emphasize in my communication would be appreciated. Basically, whats our best route to success?

Lastly, I hope that all of you washington residents will also take the time to show your support, I know you will. I think that this revision has an especially good chance because it will likely go unnoticed by the antigun media because it is not new legislation.

Your experience and advice is VERY appreciated. I think that widespread legal suppressor use has the potential to really help us gun enthusiasts. Fore one, less noise means less reason for municipalities to try and close down urban shooting ranges, and a longer life span for my ears.
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