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Other Mosin-Nagant pointers...
  • If the rifle has metal escutcheons around the sling slots, the trick to removing them is to hammer out the mounting tabs from the opposite side... veeery carefully. I actually recommend leaving the little suckers in the stock and working around them. It's really easy to bugger up the wood when you take them out.
  • The stock reinforcement nut can be removed by bending a small U-shaped tab out of coat hanger wire, inserting the ends into the holes in the nut, holding the tab with Vice-Grips, and turning the tab. Work carefully- again, it's easy to bugger up the wood.
  • The barrel bands won't fit over the front sight. Don't fret over this; there's no reason you can't simply leave them hanging off the barrel. Don't try to open them up far enough to fit over the barrel because you may permanently deform them. Don't drift out the front sight to take them off because you'll have to re-zero the sights.
  • The trigger pin is not very tightly fitted and will usually fall out if you simply tilt the receiver and shake it. It can (and will) fall out when you remove the action from the stock. Remove the action straight up, not tilted over on its side, and watch for the pin. Don't work in a place where the pin may be permanently lost if it falls out and rolls away.
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