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i cannot believe how many new posts i see on this sight and others about,"first time gun buyers" How scary, people who have never owned, or shot a gun, buying up assault rifles and pistols.
How true. I won't even go to my local gunshop or sporting goods stores on the weekends anymore. Folks are swinging pistols and rifles around with zero clue, an AR or AK in the closet in an apartment home with 40,000 rounds of ammo and no place to shoot it.
As far as the leaders balking at reviewing weapons bans, don't be fooled into believing that they won't do it, or are too smart to do it because it will cost them. They never try anything new, nor are they students of history by avoiding things that didn't work in the past. The 'New Deal' and its huge spending was hardly something that ever needed to be repeated. It didn't work, but that's exactly what just happened. Carter's foreign policy the same. They are FAR too agenda driven, and given the control of power they have right now, they will take advantage if possible.
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