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1968 everything got serial numbers
1986 ban on new manufacture burst of full auto weapons to civilians.
1989 gave us the import ban.

1993-1994 gave us the 10-year Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004.

This period also gave us the right-to-carry movement. Most states in the Union are now shall-issue for carry permits.

2008 gave us the Heller decision, which at the very least buys us some time.

For better or worse, the 2008 election cycle also brought out tons of people who'd never cared one way or another about the 2nd Amendment until that moment. Those folks seem obsessed with making up for 70 years of lost time by being as loud as possible in every possible venue (*).

We're in a bit of a holding pattern during this administration. I don't see us making any gains on the Federal level, but I don't see us losing anything, either.

(*) A local (city-level) Democratic official wrote an article on funding for a park, and the comments section was immediately flooded with multi-paragraph rants about the AWB and how the Black Helicopters are coming for us all. The comments had nothing to do with the issue at hand, and ironically, the guy in question is an ardent 2A supporter.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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