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Thanks !

Thanks for the great suggestions for cleaning procedures and sabot brands. I went to the range the other day and tried some loads. I see what you mean about the brand of sabot. The Knight 260 grain sabots didn't seem to leave as much deposit since the groups were good at 100 yards ( about 2.5"). I tried Dead Center sabots (250 gr -50/44) and the first two shots were in the bullseye, then the following shots really opened up to about 12"!! This happened even though I was wet patching the bore after every shot. The only thing I can think of that is causing this is the green sabot that they use is leaving deposit in the bore since I wasn't using a brush or sabet solvent. Maybe I'll try the dead center bullets with the MMP sabots instead of the sabots that they come with next time. What do you think ?
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