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How much 'anti-gun' legislation is there?

I am 59, a gun owner all my life, currently with 18 firearms between myself and my Wife. We are SASS members, we have CCW permits, and I own a company that manufactures a gun related tool. I once joined the NRA (a local shooting range had joining as a requirement), but let it expire after a year, for I was frankly surprised at the push to "protect" our rights, and the vehement denunciation of so many people that were thought to be "anti-gun". It struck me that the NRA was primarily a forum to vent political thoughts, and only secondly a venue for promoting the use of firearms. I have come to THR and the Firing Line often to learn about rifles and pistols and ask questions. But I am incredulous at many of the political pro-gun things I read from so many members. Here is what I am wondering... Has there been any specific legislation in the past 30 years that has actually restricted the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms? I am sure there must be, but I am unknowledgeable about this. I don't mean 'waiting periods', restrictions on criminals, or any reporting paperwork necessary. I mean actual legislation that was enacted into law on a nationwide basis that restricts my use of a weapon. I don't understand how so many people can be against someone like President Obama simply because of one specific political thought. My wife's daughter is virulently anti Obama because he is a Democrat and 'wants abortions', and to hell with his thoughts on anything else, or whether he will be a good man for the job. What brought these thoughts on was a search for Cooper Firearms threads here in FL. I was surprised to see that so many were 'anti' Cooper because Jeff Cooper had donated to the Obama campaign last year. There is even a push to boycott Cooper Arms. All I wanted to find out is if Cooper makes a magazine fed rifle in 25-06... and I get hit by the pro gun mob telling me I should NEVER deal with Cooper firearms. So... can anyone enlighten me about the restrictive legislation that has been actually enacted into law? Thanks...
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