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Stand Together

We have a constitutional right to KEEP and BEAR arms. Let's not ever stop talking about it. And like a lot of you, we are members of the NRA and staunch supporters.

We have 535 mostly "criminals" running our United States government. They are pals with their CEO friends, many of whom are also criminals. They have banded together to attempt to strip the people of the United States first from their wealth, then their pride, and will finally try to strip us of our guns. We cannot allow that.

What we need is leadership, and a million man march on Washington, D.C. to tell these useless SOBs that THEY do not run the country--WE do!

Sorry if I violated any rules for this forum, but feel strongly that we cannot allow gun owners to become "sheep" with the likes of the Washington "criminals" passing legislation without regard to the constitution.
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