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Originally posted by Tennessee Gentleman
The idea that where two or more are gathered togther with guns constitutes a militia shows a complete historical misunderstnding of what the militia of the 2A was and seems more like a romantic notion than reality.
The historical misunderstanding is that the militia aspired to in the language of the Second Amendment is the only form of militia. Militias have existed for millenia as people acted collectively to defend and ensure order in their communities.

Militias are "a romantic notion" only if one is willing to deny the evidence of current events. Militias are active in Iraq and many other countries where warfare and lawlessness have threatened communities and the people have responded collectively to defend and ensure order in their communities.

Arguing that the absence of a 1789-style militia means that the militia is dead is about the same as arguing that the right to keep and bear arms only applies to 1789-era weapons.
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