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Originally Posted by BillCA
This is one area where we have disagreed before and I can see that neither of us is going to be persuaded to change their mind.
Bill, that's OK, I am not trying to change anybody's mind, however, I hope each of us can learn from the other as we discuss things. I have certainly learned from you and many others here.

Originally Posted by BillCA
We The People are the fourth branch
Bill, we are not a branch of government, we ARE the government. However, we are also a republic and the separations of power were intended to restrain those we elected from becoming despots. And for 230 years it has worked.

As to the incidents you mentioned in WWII. I know from time to time the military and the police may call upon ordinary citizens to assist them in their duties. However, I think making the case that doing so is a militia as described by the 2A is too much of a stretch. I debated before on here with a gentleman named Jon Roland who felt that calling the police when one saw a crime constituted militia activity. I disagreed and distinguished civic duty from the militia and it's now-defunct purpose.
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