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but I have to be honest and say I unless we're talking TEOTWAWKI I would not want to be on that team.
And honestly, I would not want to be on that team either. But if I felt I had to be on that team, I would be. And I would be bringing along as many other players as I could.

The militia is not dead. It still exists. It isn't often visible, it isn't organised, and as long as the military/police/national guard have a handle on things, it stays sleeping. But when no formal organised (official) group responds, the citizens band together (which is all a militia really is), and do what needs doing.

We may not have regular meetings, other than coffee at the diner, or chatting on the 'net. We may not wear uniforms, or practice military discipline. We may not conduct practice field exercises, and we may even think much more highly of our capabilities than appearences suggest, but we are still out there. And if we see the need, we do respond.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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