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Heller is more of a theoretical win than a practical one. As nearly as I can tell it prevents a ban of an entire very GENERAL class of firearms but offers no protection against a ban of firearms within that general class having specific characteristics.

The classes could be as general as "handgun" and "long gun", probably as specific as "handgun", "rifle", "shotgun" and maybe even as specific as "handgun", "repeating handgun", "rifle", "repeating rifle", "shotgun", "repeating shotgun" but certainly not more specific than that.

A "repeating" firearm is a single barreled firearm that can be fired more than once without reloading. I could see a very open interpretation of Heller protecting the right to own a repeating firearm in any of the general categories, but I can't see it getting specific enough to protect different types of repeaters (pump, lever, semi-auto) or even preventing "reasonable" restrictions on ammo capacity .

Anything more than that will require another case and another ruling. Frankly, I'm not particularly interested in seeing a case along those lines put before the SCOTUS because I'm not at all sure how the court would rule on protecting more specific types of firearms...
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