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Not if we stay involved in our government, vote and participate in the process.
Of course, that is how a democracy works. We work it, and work it until, and unless it doesn't work anymore. And for 230 some years it's done pretty darn well.

One key aspect of the second amendment that's emblematic of who is actually in charge. It's a vivid reminder to the elected servants that government is by the people. We're the boss. The servants don't tell the bosses what to do, it's the other way around.

What ever the form, or non-form of the present day militia, looking at the reasoning and principles behind 2A, I can not help but see the wisdom of keeping the balance of power in the hands of citizens.

Our entire system of government rests on the balance of power. Perhaps even more important than balancing the branches of government, is balancing the power of the government with the power of the citizens. Simplistic as it may sound, those with the guns rule.

That's why I cringe a little when Tennessee Gentlemen, whom I hold in high regard, pronounces the militia, in it's entirety, deceased, or 'no more' as he put it. I certainly hope not. Even as a dormant, largely theoretical body of citizens, it's balancing effect cannot be overestimated.
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