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i dont think its fair that we have to tell the cops that we have a weapon. they have one, they chose their dangerous profession.
I dont give a crap if it makes the cops job any harder, They just pulled you over. You are a portion of their quota. I hate cops. I have been pulled over , and ticketed for speeding , when I know damn good and well i wasnt speeding. I always drive well under the speed limit. I got the "tell it to the judge :" response Yeah like a judge will side against a cop.
To make matters worse, my wife got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt in the vehicle. you all may think she deserved it, but, she was in the truck, in reverse, inside our damned yard at the time. I dont care if i spook cops, they have lost my respect, just because of these few idiots i have encountered.
I say, shut up and drive on.
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