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My son is selling and making a small fortune while everybody is in panic mode. Good for him!

Anybody else notice that the Pres. is shifting closer to center every day? We are in an economic tailspin. Have wars going on two fronts. Gun control MAY show up as an earmark on some bill. If so it WILL be on your NRA legislative alert.

If you aren't a member of the NRA, join ASAP. I'm guessing that the crap will hit the fan in a few years, swelling the ranks now could prevent future proposals.

I'm not getting paid for this as it looks like an ad for the NRA. Part of my family moved here in 1690. As Will Rodgers said, the other half was there to greet them. I just beleive in this country. IMHO, the NRA is all that stands between gun owners and people that eat steak-on-a-stick from street vendors. I've been to Washington, DC. more than once.
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