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Many, if not most States, link your concealed permit with your drivers license and/or your vehicle registration.

So there is a good chance that Officer Friendly knows about you, if he runs your tags before pulling you over. Certainly, he knows when he runs your license.

Originally Posted by treo View Post
That said, if your state doesn’t require you to inform why would you? The criminals certainly won’t.

All informing does is give the cop one more task to accomplish before he/she can release you. I t also opens you up to all kinds of hassles if the cop you happen to inform is an anti. My rule is not to inform unless specifically asked.
Among the reasons we good guys get the permit, is because we are the good guys. We obey the law.

I fail to understand why we, the good guys, wouldn't want to make sure that Officer Friendly isn't surprised; why we wouldn't want to put Officer Friendly at ease.

Quite frankly, the quote by treo, above, displays an attitude that is conducive to the Us/Them mentality. You display that attitude to an officer, then you shouldn't be so surprised when the officer gives you an attitude back. Tit for tat type of thing. It's predictable human behavior at work in the real world.
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