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Originally Posted by 44AMP
A group of individuals who don't know each other, and live scattered through out the city may not be a football team as such, but when they all show up on the field to play, then they are one. Not a good one, compared to professionals, but a team, none the less.
AMP I respect your opinion on this and I see where you are coming from but I have to be honest and say I unless we're talking TEOTWAWKI I would not want to be on that team.

Originally Posted by TheManHimself
Unarmed, the government can force us to do whatever they want, whenever they want.
Not if we stay involved in our government, vote and participate in the process. If we don't and the government goes another way due to our indifference all the guns in the world won't save us.
"God and the Soldier we adore, in time of trouble but not before. When the danger's past and the wrong been righted, God is forgotten and the Soldier slighted."
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