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It is not certain if the invaders knew the homeowner. Police have not charged him in connection with the incident, Spellman said.
This is certaily the situation we all dread, but are glad that we are prepared for it becuase we have protected our family and home.

My question is: What are the legal ramifications here? The homeowner shot and killed a person immediatly after they kicked in the door and entered the premisis. What will the DA's office do? The article said that the homeowner was not charged in the incident. I'm glad, but surprised. From what I have read, I was under the impression that even if you are defending your home and kill someone, you are automatically under investigation.

I am completely on the side of the homeowner, please understand that. I am just trying to figure out what the legal steps are in a case like this.

Anyone have any insight, here?
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