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I'm in agreement that if you can own a gun you can carry it... openly.

If you want to carry concealed a simple permit process could be in effect. I envisioned one that would go like this....

Go to the police station or sheriff and ask to get a CCW. You have to fill out a brief form for your ID info and answer some questions like the 4473 form.

They take your ID and run your records for any disqualifiers. Then, they take thumbprint and your photo.
You pay them $15
Within about 20 minutes you get your laminated card.
And a pamphlet that describes off-limits CCW zones and what to do if you have to shoot (call 911, get help, STFU)
Have a nice day.

The ONLY reason I can think of to retain a permit for CCW is that most cops feel a little better about you if they know you've been screened.
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