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Just remember when your shooting for real your accuracy can drop off as much as half as accurate as at the range.

If someone points a gun at me from 25 yards, I would not think it unjustified to shoot my own. I would certainly be in fear of my life or serious injury.

You only have to shoot a total of 12 rounds at that distance, 12 rounds at 7 and 26 at 3 yards. This is shooting at a pretty standard silhouette target with a fairly large target zone. [for some reason no pictures of these targets are to be found via google] This zone, which is most of the area of the silhouette outline, counts 2 points per hit, and the outer part of the silhouette counts 1. Misses are zero. A score of 80 is pretty easy...only two hits in the target zone required at the longer distance.

Reasonable requirement? Maybe, maybe not. Frankly, I would think anyone serious about taking up a firearm for self defense would make sure they can shoot it at least this well. At least anyone committed to carrying it around with them in public.
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