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Colt had made commemorative versions of some of their pistols from 1961 through 1991, with up to as many as 5-6 different ones in some years.

There were approx. 1,007 Pony Express Centennial Sount revolvers made in 1961 @ $75.00.

There were approx. 1,004 Pony Express Presentation SAA .45's made in 1964 @ $250.00

RUSSELL, MAJORS AND WADDELL were the founders of the Pony Express

In addittion, they were:
Pioneer freighters of Lexington (MO) before the Civil War,
Outfitters for the Mexico and California Traders,
And the Western Army Posts,
Operators of Overland Wagon Trains across the Great Plains.

They employed four thousand men and thirty five hundred wagons, one thousand mules and forty thousand oxen.
Headquarters were in Lexington.

Even though the Pony Express never ran from Lexington, it did begin there.
Those three men ran a very successful freighting business from Lexington, MO., and it was in their offices there, that the Pony Express was conceived, planned and launched.

The Pony Express was a fast mail service crossing the North American continent from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, from April 1860 to October 1861. (From 1866 until 1990, the Pony Express logo was used in security business.)

Wells Fargo used the Pony Express logo for its guard and armored car service.
The logo continued to be used when other companies took over the security business into the 1990s.
Effective 2001, the Pony Express logo was no longer used for security businesses, since the business has been sold.

In June 2006, the United States Postal Service announced it had trademarked "Pony Express" along with "Air Mail".

I would not venture to put a current value on the pair, except to say that plain-vanilla examples in like condition would have a total value of at least between $2.5K-$3K (IMHO).

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