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There are certain levels of response that are appropiate.

Call the police? Yes.

Jump the attacker and lay the smack down? No.

Or maybe you intervene enough so the attack is stopped? Yes.

To date, I have.....:

1. Responded to a fight across the street from my bar, my partner-in-crime at my side, in order to support another one of our bouncers who stepped in on a five vs one battle. Were we covered by our bars insurance? No. But there was no way I was going to let one of my coworkers go into that without backup.

2. Responded to a fight in the parking lot behind the bar, used pepper spray on both combatants.

3. Watched an altercation in the street in front of the bar, between two on one, the sole combatant fought both off, and clearly was the victor. One of his attackers fled, the other was on the ground. We stepped in when the victor started to stomp the guys head into the pavement. Not on our property, but our consciences wouldnt let us watch someone get seriously injured.

4. Responded to a fight outside a convention center, a crowded sidewalk, 6 security tried breaking up a fight, which turned into the combatants friends trying to jump the security. My manager specifically forbid us to go out and assist, (the 6 were on a different crew, hired privately by the events organizers), my conscience wouldnt let me just stand by and watch because my employers insurance wouldnt cover me if I got injured.

There are some things that as a human being, I must abide by. If I am able to stop someone from getting hurt, I will. If I can prevent a crime from occurring, I will. I dont care what my employer says, or if they fire me. I can get another job. I can't get another conscience though.
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