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Information re: My Daddy's 2 Colt Commemoratives

Greetings All,

Below are pictures and descriptions of two Commemorative Colt pistols of my father’s, that have been passed down to me.

I’ve been told that each of these was produced in an issue of 1,000 (1,004?).
And I know that they are real purdy.

But beyond that, I can’t say that I know much about them.

I am hoping that, with all the knowledgeable folks on The Firing Line here, y’all can tell me everything there is to know about these.

What they are worth would, of course, be of interest to me.
But, beyond that, I’m sure that there must be all sorts of information, opinion, etc. that would be of interest to me.
Actually, I’ve got a lot of “scholar” in me, so I would find just about ANYthing to be of interest!

I’ve got more, close up, etc. pictures if anybody's interested, or if it would be helpful, but the one of each, below, pretty much shows what they are.

The first one here is Gold Plated (if you can’t tell; it’s so hard to get shiney metal to photograph its true appearance).
On the left side of the barrel it has:

1860-61 Russell Majors and Waddell
Pony Express Centennial Model 1960-61

And on the right side of the barrel:

Colt Single Action Frontier Scout 22LR

The second one is Nickel Plated.
On the left side of the barrel it says:

Russell , Majors and Waddell
Pony Express Presentation Model

On the right side of the barrell it says:

Colt .45 Peacemaker

The two extra cylinders are each engraved with a different legend.

I’ll be much obliged for any information, opinions (!), etc. anyone can provide.

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