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Introducing heavy-handed F-troop tactics into gun shows is not the answer, unless the question is "how can we further alienate Arizonans and the FedGov during a democratic administration?"

I'll tell ya right now... the vast majority of private transfers I've seen at Phx gunshows involve the presentation of driver's licenses and/or CCW permits. We aren't likely to take kindly to somebody attempting to forcibly intercede in a transaction that a casual observer can obviously discern as a conscientious transaction.

Several dozen ATF troops swooping down on gun shows? Bad idea. Recipe for confrontation.

Several dozen ATF troops augmenting BP at border checkpoints or flying surveillance for illicit southbound gun running traffic? Much more valuable. And doesn't the ATF have the highest per-capita of amateur pilots out of all federal law enforcement agencies? Sounds like a fantastic use of their resources.
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