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Why would Mexican Cartels settle for semiautomatic weapons when they can easily get the non-nuetered versions?
Ar15 plus machine shop equals M16 in 20 minutes. Same with AK

Why doesn't Mexico enforce their own gun laws? If those laws worked wouldn't it stand to reason that these gangs wouldn't have weapons?
Because they are corrupt

Why doesn't Mexico stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants from coming across our borders? If they expect us to stop guns shouldn't we expect them to reciprocate in some way?
Becasue they are corrupt

If cartels can smuggle drugs, wouldn't they also be able to smuggle guns?
They do. They straw man guns from dealers in the US. They buy them at gun shows in the US.

Let go of the gunwoobie. Crritical thinkers KNOW there is a problem with corrupt FFLs down there feeding this trade. So do the Feds. We may differ on the solutions, but lets not pretend the problem exists.

I could solve a good deal of the problem without even changing the law

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